Business Licenses

Per Chapter 26 Section 26, business licenses in the City of Festus are required for anyone conducting, pursuing, or operating a business within the city limits of Festus. 

This includes:

  • Out-of-City businesses coming inside City limits such as: 
    • Contractors
    • Delivery businesses
    • Sub-Contractors
  • Residents working from their home
  • Some professional services are exempt

License Range

Business licenses are from July 1st through June 30th and are pro-rated after January 1st. 

Contractor licenses are from January 1st through December 31st and are pro-rated after October 1st.

New Business License

In order to obtain a new business license, you must complete a business license application. A listing of the business license fees can be accessed through the Business License Fees page.

Helpful Documents

Business License Penalty Ordinance 3914 (PDF)