Fire Inspection Plan Review

Plans Submittal

One set of stamped plans are required for the fire plans review. All plans submitted shall have the correct physical address assigned to the project. This office has an approximate 10 working day turn around for plans review.


  • An access way to the construction area must be designed to carry the weight of a 32 ton fire apparatus at all times during construction.
  • All required permits shall be on site at all times. If a permit for a scheduled inspection is not on site, the inspection will be required to be rescheduled.
  • Fire rated penetration detailed shop drawings (UL / FM) shall also be submitted to this office. A set of drawings shall also be on the constructions site at all times.
  • Provide one copy of the site and building plan by a PDF file on CD disc for the use by our firefighters to create a Pre-Incident Response Plan for this building.
  • A working fire hydrant shall be within 300 feet of the construction site road travel distance prior to going vertical. If not, a working fire hydrant shall be installed prior to going vertical with the approval of this office. The fire hydrant shall be a Mueller type with a five inch storz connection. When figuring the travel distance, no islands, trees, bushes or barriers, etc. shall not be included. Please also see the fire sprinkler requirements for the fire department connection (FDC).

Unless stated otherwise all construction plans, spec books and hydraulic calculations must be properly signed and sealed by the appropriate designed professional.

Commercial Plan Review

  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Mechanical Systems
  • New Construction
    • Additions
    • Multi Family
    • Renovations
    • Tenant-Upfits
  • Site Plan Development

Required Inspections

  • Blasting
  • Business License Inspections
  • Draft Stops
  • Fire Protection System Test
  • Fire Walls
  • Fire Works Permit
  • Mechanical
  • New Construction Compliance Inspections
  • Underground Fire Mains
  • Underground Tanks

Additional Requirements

Depending on the type of construction project, the following information shall be stated on the plans being submitted:

  • The address shall be posted on the building and shall contrast with their background. Suite numbers shall be posted on the rear exterior doors.
  • All electrical and fire equipment rooms shall be labeled.
  • All rooftop HVAC systems installed with a duct detector(s) shall be connected to the fire alarm system. The roof top units, the access panels leading to the duct detector shall be labeled.
  • Attic access shall meet all the requirements so that firefighters in full protective equipment can gain access to the attic area.
  • A building over 16 feet tall shall have an approved permanent roof access.
  • The City of Festus requires an external Emergency Electrical Disconnect on all commercial electrical meters. If a shunt trip is installed, the shunt trip shall be located in a secured box.
  • The City of Festus requires a Knox Box(s) to be installed on the building. An ordering application can be obtained from the Fire Marshals Office.
  • Fire Department Connection (FDC), please see the following requirements and details.
  • On a fire sprinklered building, a fire hydrant shall be within 100 feet of the Fire Department Connection (FDC). When figuring the travel distance, no islands, trees, bushes or barriers, etc. shall not be included.
  • On a non fire sprinklered building, a fire hydrant shall be within 300 feet road travel distance of the structure. When figuring the travel distance, no islands, trees, bushes or barriers, etc. shall not be included. Additional fire hydrants shall be installed if the distance exceeds 300 feet
  • Shall provide the classification on all floor coverings. It shall meet the Class One or Two requirements.

Inspection Procedures

Calling for an Inspection

Most inspection will be scheduled for the next business day between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. depending on the number of inspection assigned for that day. Your inspection might be assigned to the following day.

On Sight Inspection Requirements

The contractor or designee shall be present during the inspection.

Miscellaneous Requirements

The following items can not be moved in until the life safety items are inspected and approved:

  • Chairs
  • Desk
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Restaurant Fixtures
  • Retail Furniture
  • Supplies of Any Type