Do I need a permit to build a fence? What are the requirements?

A fence does not require a permit.

  • It can be a maximum of 7 feet tall from the face of the building to the rear property line. The maximum height in the front yard is 48 inches (or 48 inches for chain link or otherwise unobstructed for sight). (Section 31-70.)
  • A corner lot has to maintain vision clearance. This is how to determine a vision clearance problem: Measure along the pavement 15 feet in each direction, then cross from point to point which is 30 feet and nothing in that triangle can be over 3 feet or lower than 12 feet. (Some fences like chain link do not affect this problem.) It also applies to rear yards where the neighbors utilize the backyard for parking and must have a clear view to back out into the alley. (Section 31-10)
  • Some lots are along streets that have rights-of-way. This means that your property may not go all the way to the street pavement or alley surfacing. It is your responsibility to locate your property line and not assume the curb or edge of the asphalt is the edge of your property line.

For more information, please call the building department at 636-937-6646.

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