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Larry G. Crites Memorial Park

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  1. Baseball / Softball Diamond
  2. Fairgrounds
  3. Lake
  4. Pavilion
  5. Trails
Larry G. Crites Memorial Park (formerly West City Park) is located near the City's western boundary. Bordered on the east by Joachim Creek, the park includes more than 100 acres of open space, pavilions, ball fields, water features and more.  Larry G. Crites Memorial Park boasts one of the newest and most modern ball field complexes in the region. It also features a three-acre lake, a fairgrounds area for large events, and 1.5-mile bicycle trail.


  1. Fairgrounds Gazebo Number 16

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  2. Larry G. Crites Memorial Park Sports Complex Facility

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  3. Larry G. Crites Memorial Park Stage

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  4. Pavilion 15 (Rear)

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  5. Pavilion Number 10 (Ludwig)

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  6. Pavilion Number 11 (Fairgrounds)

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  7. Pavilion Number 12 (Lakeside)

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  8. Pavilion Number 19 (North Lake)

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  9. Pavilion Number 20 (New Fairgrounds)

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