What are the requirements for pool installation?
  • The pool structure must be at least five feet from the property lines (rear and side) and six feet from the house. It can abut a deck, but it must still be six feet from the house.
  • The pool must have a minimum 48-inch barrier. This can be a chain-link or wood slat fence with openings no larger than four inches, or the exterior of an above ground pool. If any of the exterior is less than 48 inches, a guardrail has to be installed to meet the 48-inch minimum requirement. The ladder must have the capability to be locked in an upright position or be able to be removed to deny access. Fences must have self-closing and latching gates that can be locked. This also includes decks.
  • Electric to the pool must be installed underground in cable or conduit using 14/2 or 12/2 with ground electric wiring. Extension cords are only allowed temporarily. Electric must run to a treated four inch by four inch post at least five to ten feet away from the outer edge of the pool water. The outlet must be GFCI protected, either with a GFCI breaker or outlet.
  • Pools cannot be installed over a utility easement.  It is your responsibility to locate any easements and locate the structure accordingly.
  • Look up. Overhead electrical conductors must be ten feet outside (measured horizontally) from the edge of the pool water.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a final inspection, please call the Building Department at 636-937-6646.

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