Lenhard Family Light Show - Christmas Edition

Lenhard Christmas Light Show

The Lenhard Family Light Show - Christmas Edition is a free light show in Crites Park.  Visitors can park on the stage field or they can back in against the trees to the right of the road.  Please keep the road open. Entry to the field is at the top of the hill, to the right of the stage.  The field exit is at the opposite end of the field and is marked by orange traffic cones.  Click here to see a song from last year's show!

While this show is completely free, donations are accepted and go to the Jefferson County Rescue Mission.

The show runs on a continuous loop from 6-10pm.  It take 120,000 lights (Each light is a pixel and each pixel can produce more than 16 million colors.), 2 miles of cable, and 19 computers to put this show on.  There are 12 DMX 350 watt spotlights that can be seen for miles (depending on the atmosphere). Included in the show are two 30' tall Christmas trees with 5 thousand lights on each of them.  This year's show consists of 17 songs.  Each song requires 40-60 hours of programming to produce what you will see.  This show is the result of one family's hobby and is a gift to our community.

Tune radios to 99.7 FM to hear the music.

Show Schedule:

Thursday-Sunday, Nov. 23-Nov. 26

Thursday-Sunday, Nov. 30-Dec. 3

Thursday-Sunday, Dec. 7-Dec. 10

NIGHTLY. Thursday, Dec. 14- Monday, Jan. 1

Show hours:  6-10pm

PRO TIP:  The light show tends to be most crowded when it opens.  For less of a crowd, go later.

The Lenhard Family Light Show is partially sponsored by Festus Tourism.