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About CodeRED

The CodeRED Emergency Notification System (known as CodeRED) was purchased by the Cities of Festus, Pevely, and Herculaneum to alert citizens in the case or an emergency or urgent notification. The CodeRED system is geographical based and allows the cities to alert citizens based on their location with a prerecorded message about the specific situation and if any action is necessary.

CodeRED will deliver a pre-recorded message through a high-speed telephone calling system at a rate of 60,000 calls per hour. City staff will select a “call area” for the message about the situation and instructions.

The CodeRED system can notify you of:

  • Amber Alerts and Missing People
  • Bomb Threats and Hostage Situations
  • Chemical Spills and Gas Leaks
  • Evacuation Notice and Evacuation Routes
  • Any other emergency incident where rapid notification is essential for safety of lives

CodeRED can also send Weather Warnings from the National Weather Service, however you must opt-in for the automatic weather warnings. These messages can be sent via text message, email or your home phone, and can be sent to a primary number and a secondary number.

Signing Up & Using the System

Help us grow our database if you have a unlisted phone number or would like your cell phone number included. Your contact information remains private and will only be used for community notifications.

Enroll in CodeRED

Listen carefully to the message, you can repeat the message if necessary, but don’t hang up until the entire message has played. The cities ask that you do not call 911 unless instructed. If you miss the call, the system will attempt to call you back; if your answering machine picks up, a message will be left.

If you have caller ID the phone number these messages will be coming from will be 866-419-5000. You may also call back this number to get any messages that you missed.

Know of someone with out internet access? Have them stop by a library or come to the Police Department and fill out a form.

Opt Out

Want to opt out? Please stop by the Police Department or download the Do Not Call Form (PDF). This form can be dropped off at the police station.

Download the CodeRED Mobile App

Click to get the CodeRED mobile app.